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This is a wheeled vehicle (or sports equipment), driven by the muscular power of a person through foot pedals or (extremely rarely) through manual levers. Two-wheeled bicycles are the most common, but there are also designs with three or more wheels. It began to be used as a means of transportation even before the widespread use of urban public transport, including buses, trolleybuses and trams. It is also popular among tourists and for sports purposes. In the modern world, an electric drive is also used to increase the use of a bicycle. The rules of the road of Russia define a bicycle as “a vehicle, other than wheelchairs, having two wheels or more and driven by the muscular force of people on this vehicle, in particular with the help of pedals or handles, and may also have an electric motor with a nominal maximum power in the long-term load mode not exceeding 0.25 kW, automatically shutting down at a speed of more than 25 km/h. “

What should I pay attention to when choosing a bike?

Ask yourself – for what purposes do you want to buy a large one? Choose a bike for a specific purpose:

Versatility – wheels 26, 27.5 and 29 inches, tires wide from 2.0-2.4 inches, shock absorbers for leveling the load from bumps with bumps, potholes, wide steering wheel for good handling, reliable brake. Mountain models (mtb)hardtails, two–suspension or fetbikes are an excellent choice for off-road, loose surfaces, for the city and highway.
Speed. Highways do not need high-quality shock absorbers, because they are designed to quickly overcome flat tracks. Narrow tires of rolling wheels (the larger the diameter, the better), smoother tread, low steering wheel, special rider fit for minimal aerodynamic drag. Cyclocross and gravel models are able to pass through difficult places.
Comfort. This parameter may depend on the type of frame (a reference for light weight), the size of the seat (large spring-loaded for women’s bikes), the quantity and quality of shock absorbers. Bicycles of different types should demonstrate this property.

What is useful for a bicycle

Improving well-being

Improved sleep. Riding a bike early in the morning perfectly helps to wake up faster. And thanks to regular physical activity on the bike, your sleep will be healthier, which means you will wake up refreshed. Regular cycling removes the stress hormone cortisol from the body, which prevents you from falling asleep with frequent loads. Thus, cycling helps you get rid of insomnia.
Improved digestion. Cycling improves metabolism. This increases appetite and improves digestion of food. Remember how hungry you are after a bike ride? The appearance of appetite is a sign of an active metabolism.
Increase endurance. Thanks to regular cycling trips, you increase the overall endurance of the body, feel more cheerful, more active and stronger, it is easier to bear loads during the working day, and your emotional background is stabilized.
Improving the appearance

Weight loss. The bike is very useful for those who want to lose extra pounds. During a bicycle trip, a large number of calories are burned, unwanted deposits in the hip area are reduced. At the same time, your body burns fat not only during the trip, but also for several hours after. And those who drive fast, but for short distances, burn several times more fat than those who drive for a long time, but more slowly.
Improvement of the skin condition. Regular cycling helps slow down skin aging. This happens because the increased blood circulation delivers oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells more efficiently, while simultaneously removing harmful toxins. Cycling also creates ideal conditions for the production of collagen, which, in turn, helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Increased muscle tone. Regular bike rides help you train the muscles of your legs, chest, back, and arms. This improves their shape and at the same time increases muscle endurance.
Improvement of the psychological state

Stress reduction. Cycling is the easiest and fastest way to get a dose of happiness hormones. Cycling, like other cyclical sports, is a great way to distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts. Try to drive at least a couple of kilometers — everything superfluous will fly out of your head right away. Monotonous movements, measured breathing — all this automatically puts thoughts and feelings in order.
Strengthening of the nervous system. Cycling has a beneficial effect on the overall emotional state, helps strengthen the nervous system – improves your mood and overall well-being, you get a huge boost of energy. A bicycle is the best way to “let off steam” after a working day.
Improvement of thinking abilities. Cycling increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which activates and restores the action of receptors, promotes the creation of new brain cells in the hippocampus – the area that is responsible for memory.
In addition, writers, musicians, artists, executives and many other professionals use cycling to switch and stimulate creative thinking. After all, due to the increased influx of oxygen into the brain, neural activity is activated.
Health promotion

Strengthening of the cardiovascular system. Cardio, which is provided by cycling, helps strengthen the heart muscle, increase vascular tone, reduce the level of “bad” and increase the level of “good” cholesterol. This significantly reduces the risk of heart disease.
Enrichment of cells with oxygen. While cycling, your blood is intensively enriched with oxygen, which, along with other nutrients, goes to the cells of the brain and other vital organs of your body. Thanks to cycling, the blood supply in the pelvic organs improves, which is especially important for men as a prevention of such an insidious disease as adenoma.
Improvement of blood circulation. The bicycle as a whole makes blood circulation more rational and efficient. The normal heart rate in a healthy person is 65-70 times per minute. In people who regularly ride a bicycle, this frequency decreases by 8-10 times / min – the heart switches to a more reasonable mode of operation, thanks to which the “resource” of the heart is preserved, its premature “wear” and the onset of all kinds of heart diseases are prevented.
Prevention of varicose veins. It is very useful for people who have a genetic predisposition to varicose veins to pedal. At the moment of making rotational movements with the legs, the blood begins to actively circulate through the blood vessels, not stagnating anywhere. At the same time, when riding a bicycle, there is completely no shock load, and this is useful for joints.
Improvement of lung function. When cycling, your lungs work much more actively than usual – during long, at least for an hour, cycling, a person’s lungs work at full strength. Thanks to forced ventilation, the lungs are quickly freed from toxic substances, which are in abundance in almost any modern city. At the same time, of course, you should try to plot your route closer to nature and away from busy roads.
Improved vision. Cycling is very useful for eye training. Judge for yourself: wherever your route runs – along forest trails or sidewalks – you have to keep a close eye on the road. Your gaze constantly focuses and switches from subject to subject. Such training of the eye muscles reduces the risk of myopia and sharpens vision.
Strengthening immunity. Those who regularly spend their free time riding a bicycle significantly increase the body’s ability to resist infections (immunity), which makes it much less likely to suffer from seasonal diseases – flu, colds, etc.
Development of the vestibular apparatus. Cycling perfectly trains the vestibular apparatus and coordination of movements.
Saving time and money

Saving time on the road. Cycling is definitely faster than walking. And if you compare it with a car, then you don’t need to stand in traffic jams, because of which we stand longer than we drive. The bike allows you to independently plot your own route, without adjusting to the schedule of public transport and the traffic map.
No problems with parking. The bike will pass where the car will not pass. The bike is very easy to park – it takes up significantly less space than a car.
Saving money. Bicycle prices are very affordable and bicycles are usually unpretentious in service. If you bought a bike, you do not need to refuel it daily, you do not have to pay tax and insurance, if something breaks in the bike, then its repair will not require a lot of money.
Child development

The development of a growing child. A child who rides a children’s bike gets all the benefits that adults get. A bicycle lays the foundation for a child’s health in the future.
A positive example. In addition, it is worth remembering that children are influenced by their parents. If your children see you riding a bike regularly, they will soon want to follow your example.
Strengthening relationships

Strengthening relationships. Cycling together promotes the release of hormones of good mood, so that all minor conflicts and irritations will disappear without a trace. The trip is also a good opportunity to talk about something romantic.
Spending time with the family. Cycling is a wonderful family leisure, where there is a place for everyone. The smallest child can climb onto a seat or a special chair and join your journey.
Meeting new friends. In addition to good health, a bicycle has a positive effect on the social side of your life. Cycling is a great way to get to know like–minded people who are highly likely to become your friends – because you are united by common interests.